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  • ManufacturerKingston
  • Manufacturer Part#KVR667D2D4F5K2/8G
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You do not see a marketing label like “premium, gold, extreme” on this Kingston memory, you do not see a gimcrack shiny shield neither color scheme. However this Kingston memory is the best memory that meet the requirements, more capable of speed, overclocking and heat tolerances in the long run. Kingston is the world No. 1. Kingston memory is 100-percent tested to meet industry specifications.

Product Name 8GB Kit 2X4GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 240PIN ECC Buff Dr X4 Intel
Product Type RAM Module
Memory Speed 667MHz
Number of Modules 2 x 4GB
Product Line ValueRAM
Memory Size 8GB
Memory Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Compatibility ASUS:
  • DSBF-D / DSBF-D/SAS Motherboard
  • DSBF-D/1U Motherboard
  • DSBV-D Motherboard
  • RS162-E4/RX4 Server
  • GA-7BESH-RH Motherboard
  • GA-7BPSH00-RH Motherboard
  • GA-7VCSV-RH Motherboard
  • GS-R127V-RH Server


  • S5000PAL Server
  • S5000PSL Server
  • S5000VCL Server
  • S5000VSA Server
  • S5000XVN Workstation
  • SR1500AL/ SR1500ALSAS Server
  • SR2500 Server Chassis


  • DPK66 Motherboard
  • DPK66S Motherboard
  • DPK66S-SCSI Motherboard


  • 5000P Master-A8M
  • 5000P Master-S8M
  • 5000X Speedster-A4
  • 5000X Speedster-S4
  • X2-106 Series Server
  • X2-203 Series Server


  • SuperServer 6015B-3V (SYS-6015B-3V)
  • SuperServer 6015B-8+ (SYS-6015B-8+)
  • SuperServer 6015B-8+V (SYS-6015B-8+V)
  • SuperServer 6015B-T+ (SYS-6015B-T+)
  • SuperServer 6015B-T+V (SYS-6015B-T+V)
  • SuperServer 6015B-TV (SYS-6015B-TV)
  • SuperServer 6015P-8 (SYS-6015P-8)
  • SuperServer 6015P-8R (SYS-6015P-8R)
  • SuperServer 6015P-T (SYS-6015P-T)
  • SuperServer 6015P-TR (SYS-6015P-TR)
  • SuperServer 6015V-MR (SYS-6015V-MR)
  • SuperServer 6015V-T (SYS-6015V-T)
  • SuperServer 6015X-8V (SYS-6015X-8V)
  • SuperServer 6015X-TV (SYS-6015X-TV)
  • SuperServer 6025B-3V (SYS-6025B-3V)
  • SuperServer 6025B-8 (SYS-6025B-8)
  • SuperServer 6025B-8R+V (SYS-6025B-8R+V)
  • SuperServer 6025B-T (SYS-6025B-T)
  • SuperServer 6025B-TR+V (SYS-6025B-TR+V)
  • SuperServer 6035B-8 (SYS-6035B-8)
  • SuperServer 6035B-8R (SYS-6035B-8R)
  • SuperServer 7045B-3 (SYS-7045B-3)
  • SuperServer 7045B-8R+ (SYS-7045B-8R+)
  • SuperServer 7045B-T (SYS-7045B-T)
  • SuperServer 7045B-TR+ (SYS-7045B-TR+)
  • SuperWorkstation 7045A-8 (SYS-7045A-8)
  • SuperWorkstation 7045A-T (SYS-7045A-T)
  • X7DA8 Motherboard
  • X7DAE Motherboard
  • X7DAL-E Motherboard
  • X7DB3 Motherboard
  • X7DB8 Motherboard
  • X7DB8+ Motherboard
  • X7DB8-X Motherboard
  • X7DBE Motherboard
  • X7DBE+ Motherboard
  • X7DBE-X Motherboard
  • X7DBP-8 Motherboard
  • X7DBP-i Motherboard
  • X7DBR-3 Motherboard
  • X7DBR-8 Motherboard
  • X7DBR-8+ Motherboard
  • X7DBR-E Motherboard
  • X7DBR-i Motherboard
  • X7DBR-i+ Motherboard
  • X7DBX-8 Motherboard
  • X7DBX-i Motherboard
  • X7DVA-8 Motherboard
  • X7DVA-E Motherboard
  • X7DVL-E Motherboard


  • Computers Tank GT20 (B5372)
  • Computers Tank GT25 (S5381)
  • Computers Tank TA26 (B5380)
  • Computers Tempest i5000PT (S5383)
  • Computers Tempest i5000PW (S5382)
  • Computers Tempest i5000PX (S5380)
  • Computers Tempest i5000VF (S5370)
  • Computers Tempest i5000VS (S5372)
  • Computers Tempest i5000XL (S2692)
  • Computers Tempest i5000XT (S2696)
Error Checking ECC
Signal Processing Fully Buffered
Standard Warranty Lifetime Limited

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