How private is my information?

LU Computerss understands our customers?wishes for privacy, so we handle all the information you provide to us accordingly. Our conduct with your information will in no way involve a third party organization. Also, as LU Computerss is independent with no links to any other companies, the information you provide will not be directed to a parent, sub, or partner company. Therefore, the conduct and organization of LU Computerss firmly guarantees that YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SOLD TO OR SHARED WITH ANOTHER ORGANIZATION. LU Computers retains your information in our database for the sole purpose of making the purchasing process faster. If you wish to remove your information from our database, you may notify us by email or telephone.

How secure is my information?

We have taken every possible measure to ensure that purchasing online at LU Computerss is safe. We are currently using the industry standard SSL software to protect our customers?billing and personal information. This technology encrypts the data representing your information as it travels through the Internet space before it is decrypted in our systems. Once in our systems, we transfer your information to a database that is not linked to the Internet so that it is protected from hackers. Finally, only our accountant and no one else will handle your billing information. For more detailed and technical information of our security system, please e-mail us at Further inquiries about the SSL software may be answered at

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